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La Fleurette Révolutionnaire

Adventures of the Solitary Lady-Prince

.: Kuroloki :.
Hello. My friends call me Roku. I also go by Kuroloki online. This is an old account that I used until mid-2006. In 2012 I revived it solely for the purpose of participating in Lolita communities. I don't plan on writing here, so if you want to get in touch with me, you're better off heading to my website (linked somewhere in my profile).

FYI, "kittyhot" is short for Kitty Hotaru, which is a comic I made up a long time ago and was really into when I created this account. It is not supposed to be some kind of goth/skanky username, really!

Here is my Lolita history in bullet points (or tildes, because I'm too lazy to make an actual unordered list):

~ Discovered Lolita in around 2001 or 2002 via Visual-kei and the egl community.

~ Went to my first meetup at Acen in 2003 or 2004(?) and began attending Chicago meetups regularly until about 2005/2006. Continued to attend local meetups sporadically until 2011, when I gave up Lolita for a year.

~ Became heavily active in the online Lolita community between 2004 and 2006. Took a nosedive from 2007 onward.

~ Re-fell in love with Lolita thanks to the Year of No Lolita, but chose not to identify as a "Lolita" any longer. (Lolita has changed so much in the time I've been part of it, and it took a removal from the current trends and drama to really get the full scope of how diverse Lolita is, and to get a feel for how much I still adore the Lolita I first fell in love with.)

~ Continued to not wear Lolita or go to meetups due to health issues in late 2012/early 2013. Currently gravitating heavily toward goth subculture and, as a result, Gothic Lolita.

~*~Here's a brief rundown of my style timeline:~*~

Beginning: Crappy "Lolita", attempted all the styles.
I also had a bit of a superiority complex and thought I totally knew what I was doing better than anyone else, so in that sense I guess I'd fit the italoli label, lol.

Around 2005: Ouji
Even though the Lolitas accepted me and thought I looked great, I was never able to find or afford brand-name Ouji clothing, hence I was never able to achieve my ideal look. When I realized my petite figure looked stupid in boyish outfits anyway, I changed my style.

2005-2011: Gothic Aristocrat
Aristocrat was easier to find both brand and offbrand items for, and I thought it flattered my figure much better than Ouji, so I stuck with it until I dropped out of Lolita. Most people in the community know me as an Aristocrat.

2012 and beyond: Only time will tell.
I would like to experiment with some traditional Gothloli styles, though, since Lolita can be much more practical for daily/casual wear than Aristocrat.

That's all I have to say. Thanks for stopping by!